Principle Business Consultants LLP secures New Contract for GDPR Implementation

Principle Business Consultants LLP is excited to announce the award of the contract for GDPR implementation from a very renowned IT company operating across the globe, having strong footage in the marine industry.

This contract will help the company establish its foothold in the marine sector. With this new opportunity to implement GDPR privacy regulation, PBC will be able to offer its services to organizations operating on both land and sea.

Mr. Shinaj Karuwath, the CEO of PBC said, “This contract is a result of our customer-centric approach, where we design well-tailored solutions to address the core business needs of the customer. Considering this great achievement, I am confident that PBC will continue to deliver quality and committed results to our clients.”

Going forward, PBC plans to expand its operational base and extend exceptional GDPR services to organizations across the globe and set new standards in IT security consulting.

About Principle Business Consultants LLP

Principle Business Consultants LLP established in 2014, is a firm which is committed towards making organizations more customer-focused, environment-friendly, and highly secure by offering them a wide range of consulting services and solutions.