PCI DSS - Payment Card Data Security Standard

Processing, storing, or transmitting credit card information by organizations always calls for an assurance of utmost safety. PCI DSS is a set of requirements which can help you with it. It applies to all types of card payment, including those done online.

CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration

As an effective process and behavioral model, CMMI is something which can be of great use to organizations belonging to a wide range of sectors. Streamlining process improvement, avoiding various types of risks, and improving the overall performance of organizations can now be done swiftly.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

With a complete focus on industrial competitiveness and innovation; NIST’s activities span across nanoscale technology, information technology, material measurement, neutron research, physical measurement etc.

SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls)

Data security- The term can easily set off a wave of worries in the minds of business owners. Even a small mistake in handling data security issues can have huge negative effects of your business. SOC 2 can help you with the security of private data, by covering a various aspects of internal audit, operations, risk management etc.

VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing)

This gives an added layer of security to your system. With a series of effective tests done to understand the vulnerability of a system, VAPT can easily tackle various threats. Once the vulnerabilities are figured out, they can be taken care of by security experts.

3 S Software Security Services

With this, every aspect of your company’s security is taken care of. Web application assessments, mobile application assessments, API assessments, SDLC review, SDLC implementation, threat modeling, analysis of security requirements, risk against application components etc. are covered.

  • Web Application Assessments
  • Mobile Application Assessments
  • API Assessments
  • SDLC Review
  • SDLC Implementation
  • Threat Modeling
  • Analyze security requirements
  • Risk against application components